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Nico Kupfer.
Mathematics graduate and self-taught web developer (backend lover and frontend experimenter). Worked building great ideas but some things inspired me to hit the road. Stopped for a while and built other stuff, some for fun. Podcast and Youtube addict. Long term traveler, created a website for travelers to make maps of your trips, and another for quick-bloggers. Freelance, book devourer, letter writer and handstand expert.
Do contact me if you have big ideas, or download my CV.


What I can do

Powerful web applications

For the past years I have specialized in building powerful, customizable, flexible web applications, both manageable and easily usable.

Responsive Design

As technology evolves, responsive websites, mobile-first and browser-friendly sites are emerging on the top.


Websites should be tools, not puzzles. Keeping it simple and help the user is my motto.

My projects

I've done stuff

Mum, I'm Here!

travel web app


web app


business website

personal website


petition tool

My Framework

lightweight php framework


My career on the cloud world

  • 2009 - 2010

    Learned to program (C++)

    First year at University, first contact with the programming World. I learned C++ for study purposes

  • January 2013

    A web programmer was born

    First contact with the websites world. I learned JavaScript, PHP, Databases (MySQL) and programmed non-stop, for fun, for more than 8 months.

  • March 2013

    First websites appear

    After less than two months, I started building some not-so-simple customizable, responsive websites for friends, family and personal projects.

  • October 2013 - October 2014

    Full time job as a web programmer

    Just after 9 months into the programming world, I started working at The Mamasú Agency. At that time we were a small company with big ideas. Now we are a big company with big ideas, working for the biggest cloud providers in the World.
    And still growing.

  • November - December 2013

    First tangible web application:

    A month after starting my new job, I created YouTubeGo, a YouTube viewer app with some improved features: Instant (watch first video result as you type), sidebar search (search and play a video without having to stop the previous) and many other features

  • April - August 2014

    Pro version

    After a good one and a half years in this big World, serious stuff begun to pour. I created my own PHP Framework (i.e. a powerful and customisable brain for all my future projects), refactored my website, created several other projects and understood the inner workings of this system.

  • October 2014 - present

    Mum, I'm Here! Interactive map website for current or past travels

    Already while traveling, I had the idea of a website for people to create free interactive maps of their trips: Mum, I'm Here!. It has 300 users, and is under active developement and improvement.

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